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We have several different investment vehicles
for you to choose. From fixed annuities to fixed
indexed annuities.

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a long-term, tax-deferred
investment designed for retirement. Earnings
are taxable as ordinary income when
distributed and, if withdrawn before age 59½,
may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty.
Deferred fixed annuities can help you earn tax-deferred interest
and lock in a future stream of retirement income. People in, or
near, retirement often choose them to build income without
exposure to stock market volatility.

**Competitive Interest Rates
Jackson has a history of providing competitive long-term rates and
offers many products with a first-year additional interest rate.

**Range of Income Options
You choose when the time is right, and select the guaranteed
income option that meets your retirement needs, either for life or
for a set period of time.

**Death Benefit Protection
The full value of your fixed annuity including accumulated interest,
less any withdrawals, will go to your beneficiaries if you die prior to
receiving income payments.
Benefits of Jackson National Life Deferred Fixed Annuities
Retirement Vehicle with Choices and Growth Potential
Elite Choice® deferred fixed index annuity offers minimum
guarantees that allow your clients to prepare for retirement with
confidence, while they benefit from growth potential linked to the
return of an index and the power of tax-deferred earnings. They
choose from a variety of options to tailor a plan that fits their
unique situation.

Elite Choice Highlights:

•Any index-linked earnings are locked in at the end of every
crediting method term (a choice of one or two years)

•Index losses never decrease the contract value

•Minimum initial premium $10,000 (non-qualified); $5,000

•Multiple contract terms

•Access to funds in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Elite Choice Options to Fit Your Clients´ Retirement Plan
Your clients can customize their Elite Choice plan with
choices like these:

•Duration options to fit their time horizon

•Index options for potential index-linked growth

•Multiple crediting method options to measure their additional

•Guaranteed retirement income options, including income for life

•Guaranteed death benefits with options to preselect an income
stream for their beneficiaries

Preselected death benefit election available for non-qualified and IRA contracts only.

Availability of contract terms subject to change.

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Features and Benefits of Jackson Elite
Choice Fixed Indexed Annuity
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