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Identity theft has become the fastest growing non-violent
crime in America and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Identity Theft Statistics 2010

Think identity theft is going down due to greater vigilance and
swift government action? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that this is not
the case. In fact, it is just the opposite. According to Javelin
Strategies, a prominent research firm that often reports on
identity theft, incidences of the crime increased by 11% from
2008 to 2009 altering the lives of 11 million Americans. If these
numbers prove to be a pattern, one in every 20 Americans risks
being a victim this year. Who knows? It may prove to be even
worse than that over time. (Identity Theft Labs)

Whether your odds are one in 20 or one in four for becoming an
identity theft victim this year, those are pretty high odds; high
enough that they should encourage you to act. One action you
can take is to sign up with an identity theft protection company.
This plan can include credit monitoring, fraud detection,
database monitoring, address change notifications, a lock on
your credit file and more. It all depends on how much security you
want to add to your accounts. Of course, a higher security plan
will provide you with the most protection, but having a basic plan
is infinitely better than having no plan of action at all.
Identity theft is not to be taken lightly, protect yourself today!
(Identity Theft Labs)

Once obtained, this information is used to commit a wide variety
of crimes. Again, according to the latest research from effects of
identity theft articles, those crimes include:

•        credit card fraud
•        utilities fraud
•        banking and loan fraud
•        employment fraud
•        social security fraud
•        tax return fraud
•        medical fraud
•        securities and investment fraud
•        bankruptcy fraud
•        and immigration and government documentation fraud

Call The Burtnett Agency Today to protect yourself with ID Theft
Assist, the most comprehensive identity theft protection and
restoration service available!
Effects Of Identity Theft Articles... How Is Our ID
Information Used?
•        Service for the whole family
•        Daily Alert Pre Incident Credit Monitoring
•        Obtain Real-Time Credit Report
•        Needs Assessment and telephone Assistance until Case is closed
•        ID Theft Affidavit Submission
•        Report Fraud to the Creditors
•        File Criminal Reports
•        Forward Criminal Reports to the Creditors
•        Credit & Charge Card Replacement
•        Cancel Checks/ATM Cards and other Banking Tools
•        Report Fraud to Social Security Administration
•        Assistance with Identification Replacement
•        Postal Inspector Notification
•        Creditor Fraud Department Notification
•        Place Fraud Alerts with Credit Reporting Agencies
•        Assist with Obtaining Credit Report
•        Assist with Specific State of Residence Paperwork
•        Provide ID Theft Response Kit
•        Weekly Case updates Until Case is Closed
•        Language Translation (25+ Spoken)
•        Cash Advances
•        Access to 200+ Worldwide Agents
•        Free Initial Legal Consultation
•        Legal Needs Discount
•        Unlimited Phone Emotional Support
•        In-Person Emotional Trauma Support
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